Activate The Quick Launch Bar In Windows XP / 7 / 8.1Back then, AOL had a cool service that let you create a custom domain email address for free. You could use any domain name you wanted, even if it was already registered. I have no idea how it worked, but it was gone after a short while and I can understand why!

You can still create a personalized email address, but you can’t do it without paying. The reason for this is that you must first purchase a domain name in order to set up the email for that domain. To get a personalized domain email address, you must first register a domain. This also means that you are limited in what your “personalized” email address can be. If a domain is already registered, you will not be able to buy it and therefore will not be able to send email using that domain name.

Of course, if you really want to send an email from any email address you could use, you could create your own email server and send fake emails, but then you’d be a certified hacker / spammer and we won’t teach the like in this article.

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Let’s break the process into parts and hopefully you will find the domain you are looking for. You probably get what you want when you want to send emails for a wedding or something similar and create a custom email like or . If you want to send emails from , you will be out of luck, because is definitely already registered.
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Find a domain

First we look for a domain that is available. Note that the email does not always have to end in .COM. A slew of new top-level domains have recently opened, which means you can have a domain that ends in things like .fitness or .investments or .photography.

The best website I want to use to search for domains is You can search for a keyword and then you will get all the options you can think of for that keyword.
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Click on “Search”. At the top you will see four tabs: Popular, New, International, and Favorites. In the example below, I’m looking for jackandkate to see what’s available. Unfortunately and .net are not available, but others like .rocks and .me are! actually sounds pretty cool. If you were to send an email it would be something like The part before the @ symbol can be anything you want.
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You can scroll down and click on the link More Options , click View to display the other available options for this domain name. Also, some of them have a little lightning bolt next to their name and if you hover over them it will tell you the restriction for that domain name. For example, if you want you must be a Canadian resident to get it.
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If you don’t like any of these, click the New tab and it will show you the options available for any new top-level domains. You will immediately notice that these are also much more expensive than the traditional ones.

Once you find a domain you like, buy it, then skip to the next section which shows you how to set up your email with NameCheap. Read the following section before buying the domain from NameCheap as you can add 2 months of free email hosting when you check out.

Setup email hosting

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When you buy your domain you will see the option to add email hosting on NameCheap and what I really love is that it is free for 2 months! For most people, you might just need the email address for a couple of weeks while sending out invitations, etc. If you need it longer, email hosting is very cheap.
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Click the “Add to Cart” button for the free private email and you will be taken to another page where you can select the email addresses you want. By default, you will receive a free email address that starts with . However, you can just uncheck the box and mark the custom blank box at the bottom that will become your free one. If you want more than one custom email address with this domain, it’s $ 0.25 per email address.

Now just follow the checkout process, during which you will need to create an account. When you’re done, click the Manage Account button or go back to the home page and click Sign In. Once you are logged in, head over to the dashboard and you will see a slew of links. The one you want to click on is Open-Xchange Email Domains .

Now you will see the domain name listed and you need to click on it. If you’ve bought multiple domains, you’ll need to select the domain for which you want to manage emails.

In order to receive your email facility, you must first create the mailbox. I thought it would do that on its own since I entered the custom domain name I wanted, but apparently you have to do it manually. Go ahead and click the Set Up New Mailbox button .

Enter the local part of the e-mail address that you want, enter your mailbox password and click you then click the Create mailbox . On the next page, click the Continue button . Finally, click the Subscription Management button to return to the main screen.

Finally, you will see that you have received the url to manage your email. By default, this is just mail.domainname.whatever. Since my domain is, I would go to to manage my email. Note that clicking this link may display an error page. If you have just registered the domain, the DNS settings will need to be transferred over the Internet, which can take up to 48 hours. In my case it only took about 30 minutes and then it was redirected to the email client.

However, if you want instant access, the link should be in the Private Email email you receive from NameCheap. Here is the url to manage email if you can’t find it:

Now you need to log in with the email address you just created and the password you just set for this mailbox. My username is in my example. Do not use the login information for your NameCheap account as it will not work.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see the user interface for the email client used by NameCheap. It has a clean interface and works perfectly for most purposes.


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